CBSE CCE Report card software

CBSE CCE REPORT CARD GENERATION SOFTWARE by Sarmang Software, Dehradun being successfully implemented in various school of the country and have satisfied client base.


1. CBSE CCE guidelines based

2. No calculation required

3. Automated report card generation

4. All data already available i.e. assesment areas, subjects in class, FA options, grades, descriptive indicators, scholistic areas etc.

5. customized annual report card

6. seperate login for teachers & supervisors.

7. student personal, health detail & attendance are included in repot card

8. class teacher’s & principals name are embedded in report card.

CCE: PARIKSHAPHAL is completely web based & easy to learn.

With CCE: PARIKSHAPHAL the tedious process id report card generation is reduced to few mouse clicks.

With CCE: PARIKSHAPHAL the complete report card prepration process is reduced to just entering marks into the system, select the descriptive indicators & take the print out. All other calculations, conversion to grades, formating of report card will be done automatically.

CCE:PARIKSHAPHAL will reduce the increased work load of teachers.

Only subject teacher is authorised to assign, edit or remove marks of students of their class, other teachers can only see the assigned marks.

Only Class teachers are authorised to select, edit, delete descriptive indicators & attendance of students.

The software is fully customizable as per school requirement and changes made by CBSE from time to time. We also have the special version of the software for 2009-2010 session.

For more details, quotation & demo please contact:

A-302, II Floor, Doon Paradise, 111, Rajpur Road, Dehradun, Uttarakhand

Ph: 91-8791151145

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