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iPlusEnquiry: Automation of Enquiry & Admission Process

At Sarmang  we also provide software training to engineering & MCA students for which we used to keep record of all the student enquiries, registration and admission, since 2004 to 2008 we were maintaining all these records manually, to run the enquiry to admission process smoothly we develop a software for the same in year 2008, enhanced it in 2009 & 2010. With the help of the software we can easily track our growth in student enquiry, registration and admission on the basis of training programs joined, students qualification, class, course, branch, college & university at the time of joining.

Now, we can easily track daily, monthly and annual growth on the basis of all above mentioned parameters. The analysis is done on the basis of training program, current institute/university, city, location, gender, caste and religion.

Recently we have included source of enquiry, follow up, form selling details, multiple course enquiry, counselor performance & advertisement campaign in analysis process.

We are continuously improving the software to make the enquiry to admission more efficient.


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